Staying Connected - April 2008

What You Don’t Know About Medical Cables!

Most of us involved with medical cables and connectors concentrate on the technical side without ever realizing that these products have a diverse, interesting, and sometimes exotic life outside the medical field.

After hearing rumors about cables and some pretty unusual activities outside of the clinical setting, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation.  Concerned with the potential privacy issues of medical cables we met with our legal team.  After lengthy research and discussion it was concluded that “Because Affinity built the cables in question the company has the right to know what they were doing after they left the plant.”  With confirmation from our legal group, we began our investigation.

Missing from the EP Lab,
Vivian’s unkempt hair and skimpy
outfits are two of her trademarks

Vivian Leadwire - Electrophysiology Cable

EP Cables are normally used in the dignified environment of the Electrophysiology Lab.  The patient is placed on an examination table, local anesthesia is given and catheters are inserted into blood vessels.  The procedure is a lot more refined than a stress test where the cable suffers from the rigors of the procedure nearly as much as the patient.  That’s why we were so surprised when we started hearing rumors of what one of our EP cables was up to.

Ever since being shipped by one of our OEM customers to St Barbie Hospital, EP has taken on the name and persona of Vivian Leadwire.  Disconnected from the console between procedures, she has been running wild around the town.  Rarely back before dawn, she typically stumbles into the lab just before a procedure is schedule to start.  With traces of alcohol still on her contacts, the technicians often need to sanitize her with harsh cleaners, reducing the flexibility of her TPR jacket and shortening her service life.  At Affinity we wonder…did we go wrong?

Maria Monitor - 10-Lead ECG Cable Goes Missing in Action

Red boots, a tight red dress,
and flaming read leads set
Maria Monitor apart
from the crowd

ECG cables are probably the most common cables around.  Because they are so common, they are often thought of as boring and uninteresting.  Compared to more sophisticated cables found in the Cath Lab or EP lab, they are often three-lead affairs with a simple connector on the device end and snap connectors on the patient end – not too interesting – except for Maria Monitor, the ECG cable hottie.

As a 10-lead cable, this Maria has always had a superiority complex, looking down on her 3-lead and 5-lead colleagues.  And with flaming red leads and bright yellow snaps, she stands out in any crowd.  Maria never has to stand in lines at clubs waiting behind velvet ropes to get in.  She is a party girl, popular with the “in crowd” and can always be counted on to be one of the last to leave a party.  When Maria finally wakes up, only occasionally before noon, she straggles into the hospital barely able to carry a signal of diagnostic quality.  When asked how one of their cables could “go so wrong,” Bob Frank, Affinity Director of Engineering replied “We built a quality cable.  Before it left Affinity, it underwent extensive testing.  We can’t help it when one of our cables mingles with cables from another manufacturer and winds up being undependable.”

Modular 9-pin connector
boots and snaps for hands
Sally loves the Disco life

Sally Snaphands – The Disco Cable

Wearing a pair of mismatched 9-pin modular connector boots and her signature halter top outfit, Sally spends more time in the Disco than transmitting medical signals.  “I hate scrubs” said Sally.  “I hate the color, I hate the style, and I hate the way they make me look.  If they’d let me wear what I want at the hospital, I might show up for work more often.  And, those patients, they’re sick.  It grosses me out.”

Clark Cable – AKA Telemetry Cable Dude

Described as a “Slacker” Clark
prefers the beach to the clinical
setting he was designed for

It took weeks, but investigators finally tracked Clark Cable, formerly part of the telemetry unit at Poly Urethane Clinic, to a beach hut on Maui.  Clark allegedly left the telemetry unit when the patient he was connected to was discharged.  The monitor and used electrodes were found on the bed, but Clark has not been seen since.  Asked if he was needed back, unit supervisor Anna Log said “No, Clark was always a slacker.  Most of our other cables get a great deal of satisfaction helping our patients by carrying the signal that monitors their heart.  Clark was our only cable to complain that being connected to electrodes hurt his snap connectors.”  Anna continued, “We’ll just order another cable and hope we get one that can stay connected to his work.”

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New Product Announcement – Affinity Medical Technologies Banana Plug

Affinity introduces a new
banana plug assembly

More commonly used internationally than in the U.S., Affinity was slow to develop and add a banana plug to its product line.  Banana plugs are were the most common connection for ECG’s when reusable “Welch Bulbs” were routinely used.  With the advent and wide adoption of snapless electrodes for resting ECG’s tab connections became more common and banana plug usage declined.  However, banana plug connections are still used in the U.S. and are widely used internationally.

After obtaining samples of competitive products and testing them thoroughly, Affinity engineers embarked on a project to develop the world’s highest quality banana plug.  The result of hundreds of hours of engineering effort produced a banana plug that is expected to have wide appeal.

Unique design allows termination to
wire diameters from .080” to .250”

As the nation and world adopts “Green” measures to help protect the environment, Affinity is at the forefront with its banana plug assembly.  The plug assembly is not only biodegradable, but also edible!  Once the ECG is complete, the technician disconnects the plug from the reusable cable and can either offer it to the patient, share it with co-workers, or consume it himself.

The Affinity banana plug is available in two versions: regular or organic.  For specifications or additional information, contact  Samples may be obtained at a reasonable cost from your local market.

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Meet Hank Mancini – Affinity’s Business Development Dude

I said don’t call me Dude!

With his broad smile, upbeat personality, infectious laugh and weird sense of humor, Hank Mancini is a recognizable and welcome addition to Affinity Medical Technologies.

Hank joined Affinity Medical just over a year ago as Business Development Manager and brings thirty years of experience in the medical industry.  While manager of the Tyco plant in Huntington Beach California he worked with many current Affinity team members.  “Joining Affinity was like coming home,” Hank said.

 Although Hank’s title is Business Development Manager he prefers the moniker “Sales Guy.”  Hank enjoys being involved in all aspects of the company, especially devouring cake at the monthly birthday celebrations.  “I often eat three or four pieces,” said Hank.  “It is one of the best things about my job at Affinity.”

When not on the road, Hank can be spotted on the production floor, in the conference room, or asleep at his desk. When we cannot find him, we all know to check under his desk.

Hank and his wife Teresa
on the Lakers home court

When asked what he likes most about his Affinity, Hank replied, “I appreciate the customer focus that our President, Mary Phillipp established and still insists on.  Mary has assembled a wonderful and talented group which makes Affinity a great place to work.  I am surprised that I got the job!”

Hank and his wife Teresa live in Huntington Beach California and share six grown children.  They are huge Los Angeles Lakers fans going to most home games.  The downside to Hank’s personality and obsession with the Lakers is that when the team loses a game, he us pretty much useless in the office the next day.

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Announcements and Information

As you can hopefully tell by reading to this point, this issue of Staying Connected is…just for fun!  We’ll get back to business with the May issue.  Even though this issue is mainly for fun, you can count on the Affinity team being ready to help you in any way we can.

The Cherimoya is fast becoming
one of the nation’s favorite fruits

National Cherimoya Day!

April 1st is National Cherimoya Day, a day set aside for us to contemplate the unloved and underappreciated Cherimoya.  First proposed by President Dwight Eisenhower, it took Congress almost fifty years to recognize the significance of the Cherimoya and set aside April 1st as National Cherimoya Day.  So, gather with your friends and family in a neighborhood tavern, as tradition dictates, and share the delicate yet hearty flavor of the Cherimoya.


Suzann Sitka and Candy Golding
the Affinity Customer Care team

Affinity Customer Care - Hours of Operation

Affinity Medical Technologies customer care specialists are available from 7:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Pacific time.

You may reach us by phone at 949-477-9495 or email to

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