Affinity Medical™ MediSpec™ Silicone Cable Solutions

Delivering best-in-class processes, engineering expertise and customer service, Affinity Medical™ MediSpec™ Silicone Cables are customized to meet customers’ sterilization withstand performance requirements for medical surgical applications.

MediSpec™ Silicone Overmolded Cable Assembly with a metal shell connector

Silicone-jacketed cable is durable, extremely flexible and protects the cable core from harsh environments encountered during use and sterilization. Both extruded and “tubed-on” silicone cable jackets are incorporated into the end product.  Affinity Medical™ MediSpec™ Silicone Overmolded Cable Assemblies are tested and validated to withstand the harsh environment of multiple sterilization cycles by autoclave, STERIS* and Sterrad† processes. Molex’s product development expertise ensures dependable interconnect systems that provide high-performance and ergonomic solutions designed for challenging surgical applications.

*STERIS is a registered trademark of STERIS Corporation
† STERRAD is a registered trademark of Advanced Sterilization Products Division of Ethicon, Inc.

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